Q. When should I consider calling an electrician?

You should consider calling an electrician when you have any question, concern or project that pertains to any electrical needs. Electrical work can be very dangerous, so always consult a professional in order to keep you and your family safe. At Blaine Electric, we have over a decade of experience and are licensed and certified to handle your electrical needs no matter the size! To found out if your current situation requires a professional electrician, call us today at (865) 789-2501!

Q. How do you reset a breaker?

To reset your breaker you must go to your electrical service panel and identify the breaker that is tripped. You can identify the tripped breaker by locating the one that is not in line with the rest of the breakers. You will need to push it to the completely "off" position and then turn it back to the "on" position. If the breaker continues to trip, contact us for a proper diagnosis.

Q. Why would I need a new electrical circuit?

You may need a new electrical circuit if you seem to be experiencing any electrical issues or changes in electrical needs. The following is a list of some examples that may apply: Electrical shortages, old wiring, a new home addition/remodel, new appliances (ex: dishwasher, refrigerator, heaters, hot tub, pools), etc. We can install new electrical circuits as well as perform home re-wiring to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Q. What do I do if my circuit keeps overloading?

Many times, the fix can be as simple as moving a frequently used item or small appliance to a different, less used area. If the problem persists, turn the breaker off and consult with an electrician so he can troubleshoot the problem and ensure the safety of your home.

Q. I have too many power strips behind my entertainment center and want to reduce the clutter. How can Blaine Electric help me?

Blaine Electric can install multiple outlets to meet your needs and install a whole-home surge protection system to protect your electronics and appliances moving forward.

Q. Do you install ceiling fans?

Yes, we can replace or install new ceiling fans. Upgrade your lighting, add retrofit lighting, install dimmers and more! If you are looking to update a room's lighting or fan, call us today!

Q. Can you change an existing switch to a dimmer switch?

Yes, we change an existing switch to a dimmer switch, but but we may need to also replace the light bulb to ensure it is a dimmable bulb.

Q. Why is a breaker in my panel feel hot to touch?

Overloaded breakers build up heat before they trip. Heavily loaded circuits will contribute to this. Sometimes corrosion occurs in the breaker panel and can cause excessive heat buildup. Give us a call for a proper diagnosis and to upgrade your electrical panel before any serious problems. It is important to trust and consult a local electrician!

Q. How can I tell when an electrical outlet is not safe or needs to be replaced?

If an outlet is loose in the wall, it should be evaluated by an electrician as it is not considered safe. If an electrical outlet is warm or hot to the touch, you need to immediately unplug the device and call an electrician to resolve the issue. A bad outlet can result in a fire and should be handled as soon as possible.

Q. I have an emergency! How long will it take for you to get to me?

In an emergency situation, your job will be made an immediate priority.

Q. What qualifies as an emergency?

An emergency would be any electrical needs that could pose an immediate threat to your home's safety or loss of power due to an unforeseen situation.

Q. How much does an emergency call cost?

Our rate for an emergency call is $150/hour plus supplies. We will make every effort to get your home to a safe environment and can return to the job during normal hours for final completion if necessary.

Q. Do you come to us at any time?

Our normal business hours are Monday thru Friday 7am-6pm; Saturdays 8am-12pm. In the event of an emergency, we are available during off hours.

Q. How do I reach you?

You can reach us by phone, text or email. The quickest and most efficient way of lining up a service call is to reach out to us at 865-789-2501.